Trades Entry Alert SOP

SUBSCRIBE to our TEA service:

For subscription, please send your request to our Telegram group:

All TEA activities will be done through Telegram. Subscribers have to install Telegram apps on mobile smartphone or laptop or tablets. One smartphone account can be used for multiple devices. Unlike other apps, Telegram allows you to read and send messages on your laptop/tablets without your smartphone switched on.

How the Trades Entry Alerts members via Telegram apps will look like?

The Trades Entry Alerts (TEA) is designed for simple and effective use by members. A chart and usually a short description is written on the bottom of the chart sent to members via Telegram. TEA will be sent whenever there’s any possible trade setup is found.

The chart looks like this, or similar, depending on which charting software is used:

FCPO/FKLI chart format…




A SIMPLE description will be written at the bottom of the chart. It usually reads like this:


…which means: Possible FCPO BUY on DAILY chart setup. “D1” is DAILY, which is referring to chart’s time frame.

Trade management follow up alert will be sent through Telegram once the open trades have met it’s stop loss/profit trailing/profit target.

How to use Trades Entry Alerts (TEA)?

The TEA contains information about the price levels/zone/range where good momentum in the trade direction is detected¬† by using our technical analysis tools; and it is where a potential “Trade Setup” is in the making.

When TEA is sent, it is usually indicates that there’s a high possibility a new trade may be triggered in next few bars when a “Trade Entry Criteria” is met. There are many ways a trade entry can be called. Examples: Candlesticks patterns, Moving Averages crosses, MACD reversal, RSI or Stochastic reversal, a standard reversal divergence, etc.

Once a trade is opened, a Stop Loss should be placed. Stop loss can be done by placing a stop at swing low/high, fractals, previous support/resistance, ATR value, etc.

Profit target can be placed using a fixed rewards to risk ratio like 0.5:1, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1; or using profit trailing methods like bars count, Moving Average crossover, price breaks/touches Moving Average, Parabolic-SAR, retracing into Bollinger Bands, Stochastic/RSI crosses from OB/OS zone, etc.

Number of Lots to open in each trade is also another significant factor which enable a trade to catch a good profit runs by combining multiple lots entry with profit trailing. Usually 2 or 3 lots can be opened per trade depending on the trade management style by which the members are familiar with.

To measure our TEA performance as a reference, we use below settings to produce a standard results for reference in our performance tracking:

  • Trade Entry Criteria: Stochastic (5,2,2, Close) crosses
  • Number of Lots per trade: 2 lots per trade
  • Stop Loss: Swing High/Low with spreads (if not, use entry bar’s high/low with spreads).
  • Profit Target. There is a different profit target for Lot#1 and Lot#2:
    • Lot#1, PT1: rewards to risk of 1:1
    • Lot#2, PT2: Move stop loss to breakeven after PT1 is met; then starts Profit Trailing using Bar Body Breaks EMA12 (BBB12) method.
      • What is BBB12? When a bar closed with its body breaks the EMA12 line, place a stop loss at the high(+spread)/low(-spread) of that bar. If subsequent bars move away from EMA12 and not breaking the EMA12 anymore, remain stop loss level at the last bar. Wait until BBB12 happens again and restart the profit trailing process.