Social Trading

Social Trading = Trades Copier a.k.a. Auto Trading


(We DO NOT recommend trades run by a robot)

No time to do it yourself? Seeing charts floating and your mind float with them too? Nausea looking at the bar ticking? Always missed the timing? Chicken out when your own trade is in profit? Dare to fall into abyss when your trade is in losing position?


ZuluTrade is a platform where the traders meet the followers.

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When you click on the above banner, you will be led to ZuluTrade account opening. After opening an account with ZuluTrade, look for these two traders:

Stones Skipping

Living Freelance

Metal Energy Indices

To follow a trader’s trades, you have to read and understand each trader’s trading strategy. Read their account’s description and look at the risk% they have suggested. Maintaining and following a correct risk% is very important to gain profits from following a trader’s trades. Make your mind “ready” to follow traders.

Consistent and progressive build up of account size is what every followers should accept. Fast and Furious increases in account size is not recommended here. We prefer to introduce steady traders to followers; and we do hope to bring decent followers with professional knowledge in trading to the traders.

By the way, all traders accounts recommended by us is not run by robot or auto algorithm program. We recommend only truly human managed comprehensive trading techniques’ traders accounts to you.

Go on…click on the above banner, and start copying trades to grow your accounts passively!